An Easier Way to Build your Web Applications

We made it easy for you to build towards digitizing your business today!

Powerful Features To Help You Build Your Apps

Take your business to the next level with all those features and more

Drag, drop & configure form builder.
You can turn on validation, conditional visibility, formatting option on all fields.

Build your workflow & take advantage of our custom granular security by specifying who has access to what all the way down to the field level.

Build different views by customizing
the columns, filters and searches.
You can easily group fields, run calculations & export data.

Define role base security. Keep your
apps secure by defining who has access to what.

Build highly customizable email templates leveraging merging of record data to trigger your workflows, reminders, etc…

An easy drag & drop interface to build customized PDFs. This feature allows you to generate Purchase Orders, invoices, etc…

Create email reminders to help keep
your team engaged. You can also create recurrent Google Sheet reports.

You can enable anonymous sharing that generates a unique link to send to your customers to fill out.

APIs let you use GW Apps with GSuite, Outlook365, and third party apps like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and more.

Who Is Using GW Apps?

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IT Team Leaders understand the economics of using No-Code. Use GW Apps to build complex, workflow centric applications to manage all of your unique business processes. Create apps faster and update your processes at the speed of business.

Companies leverage GW Apps’ workflow capabilities to quickly replace their outdated Lotus Domino and Filemaker Legacy Applications. We architected GW Apps to address this business need. Modernize your platform without sacrificing functionality or ease of use.

Citizen Developers know their department’s business processes intimately and are best positioned to modernize and improve how they are managed. GW Apps’ drag, drop, and configure form wizard offers an intuitive approach to building their applications.

For Startups & Business Owners, GW Apps provides a simple, effective, and affordable way to manage your operations. Leverage our pre-built templates to manage employee onboarding, asset management, time tracking, and more.

Group 339

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