Lotus Domino App Support & Migration

Whether you need support for your Domino Application or you are looking for help migrating your application to a new platform, Citent can help.

Domino Application Support

The CITENT team has actively supported Domino application and infrastructure since the early 2000s. As most enterprises have migrated away from Domino, we were often asked to help migrate Domino applications to the cloud and have developed a strong expertise in this domain.

Today, we continue to support Domino applications. If you made the decision to keep your Domino applications, the CITENT team is here to help. Contact us today for more information and personalized assistance.

Migration Options

Still looking for options to migrate your remaining Domino applications? We recommend that you take a look at GW Apps.

Developed by a team of ex-CITENT developers, GW Apps enables both IT and non-tech business users to build web applications quickly and easily, with a focus on migrating departmental legacy applications. They incorporated many Domino/Notes like features as it was designed to replace applications that included multiple stages of workflows, approvals, and data access control.

This solution offers you several advantages and benefits:

Interested In Migrating Your Domino Application

We’ll help you evaluate your applications and determine the next
steps in your modernization process.